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// Managed IT Solutions

Comwire treat its clients like true partners. And a true partnership demands a different level of service than the traditional 'break and fix' approach adopted by other IT support companies.

As a Comwire partner, you’ll enjoy a new level of service and pro-active support built around ongoing monitoring and early prevention to ensure your company’s IT performance is one of your assets.

Managed IT


Managed IT Services

With our Managed Services, your IT needs are addressed quickly and efficiently. We are strong believers in the fact that if your systems are maintained and regularly looked after they will be working for you instead of against you like you may have experienced in the past.

Our Managed Services systems enable us to be more proactive by detecting problems and fixing them before they fail. The most common mistake that we find with IT providers is they tend to not take control and manage their IT services, instead waiting for things to break and you to call them.

At Comwire IT our systems help to avoid those unwanted surprises giving you the peace of mind knowing that as soon as your systems are supported by us, they will be maintained and kept at peak performance for their life within your company.

Support Plans


Support Plans

Our Support Plans provide a range of different options from simple prepaid support hours to fixed price plans that offer proactive IT management and unlimited support for your business.

It's not just about monitoring that lets you know something is wrong. It's not just about remote access to troubleshoot issues. It's about our proactive preventative approach to keeping your systems online. That's why our managed IT services utilise a series of best practices we have developed over our years of experience.

This aligned with our consultative account management and solution designs, we can ensure that not only are your systems reliable, but that you are planning for the future as well.




It is one thing to have your systems in place but...

  • Do you know what they are doing?
  • Do you know when they need to be replaced?
  • Do you have a long-term plan for upgrading your equipment?
  • At Comwire IT we offer consultation services where we meet with you and discuss your business and its future direction. This information will enable us to take a good look at your current systems and make recommendations around future solutions that you may not know about, which could potentially streamline the way your business operates.

    If you are not proactively looking at your IT Systems and how you can best utilise them, you are potentially missing out on innovations that could dramatically improve the way you interact with your clients.

    // Technology Health Check

    Is Your IT Your Weakest Link?

    Find out with a Comwire IT Technology Healthcheck. It only takes a day. We’ll visit your business and assess your:

    • Security
    • Network & Internet
    • Asset Register & Report
    • Server Capacity - including optimal resource utilisation
    • Back Up and Disaster Recovery – what's your plan? (reducing impact on your business from accidental deletions and single points of failure)

    We’ll then provide you with a comprehensive status report, along with strategic and systematic recommendations. It’s one day that will change everything. So book your Tech Healthcheck today.

    Comwire IT will help you do better business.

    Comwire IT is more than your IT business partner. We’re invested in your success.

    We’ll increase efficiencies and reduce downtime across your business by delivering world-leading expert technical advice, support and solutions. And we’ll do it from right here in Australia.

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