Testimonial - RSL Care

RSL Care is a proud not-for-profit charitable care provider, who has served the ex-service and wider community of South Australia for over 100 years. The Organisation offers several accommodation and support options for residential aged care, retirement living and affordable housing for all South Australians.

Our Process

The Challenge01

As part of RSL’s commitment to continuous improvement, care to veterans and their dependants and the broader community, whilst ensuring all staff had the tools in place to allow us to uphold RSL Cares Core Organisational Values - the business had a need to review its current dated IT & Communications infrastructure.

It was decided, in consultation with the team from Comwire IT, that we need to take some serious steps forward with concern to the dated IT foundations in the business.

We also looked at how we access, store, manage and secure our data. Recent increased activity in cyber-attacks encouraged us to explore additional options.

The last but still critical aspect addressed was the connectivity of our multiple sites and the allowance for continued bandwidth growth into the future.

The Solution02

Comwire IT provided a holistic approach to all aspects of our IT, from the basic underling infrastructure through to the manner in which we as a business communicate with each other.

Improvements and upgrades to the network infrastructure, the true back bone of the business, addressed the aging and compatibility issue we had started to encounter and opened up and enhanced our ability to embrace the new world platforms such as Microsoft 365 and other cloud-based platforms that have proliferated in recent years.

Developments like video conferencing, work from anywhere and multiple devices per user (Microsoft Teams, ZOOM, Duo, Webinars etc.) were particularly valuable tools throughout Covid and 2020.

Comwire IT designed and implemented equipment, such as firewalls, into our systems to help prevent the potential of future cyber-attacks. Disaster Recovery (DR) was also a factor for consideration.

The provision of remote Microsoft 365 email exchange along with remote secure Data Centre storage provided us great improvements allowing effortless collaboration. SharePoint, Teams and One Drive seamlessly connect employees with the documents, information, people and projects they need to perform workplace excellence and further piece of mind.

Additionally, new 20 Mbps Fibre direct links provided us with the connectivity required across multiple sites for instant upgrade today and additional growth expansion well into the future.

The Outcome03

Since appointing Comwire IT to manage all aspects of our IT infrastructure our organisation has seen an improvement and enhancement of our business process and practices as now our systems are talking to one another effectively.

We have noticed a significant uplift in productivity due in part to the response times provided by the Comwire IT tech team – staff are now able to get on with day-to-day tasks without experiencing long delay times experienced under previous managed provider when IT goes wrong.

The technology upgrade has provided obvious benefits with improved systems, greater capabilities, more up to date hardware, piece of mind with our security and data systems and greater connectivity keeps us all working collaboratively and efficiently.

Staff no longer are required to transport heavy folders whilst on the move as access to files is now instant from any location across our multiple sites.

Time saving measures have been improved across the executive and general team allowing the team to stay connected which in turn allows us to run a more efficient business. Miscommunication has been minimised as staff now have access to data from the systems put in place and multiple people can access live single documents which in turn stops version control issues, providing enhanced support for our clients.

RSL Care

Comwire IT have made the entire process very simple, allowing us to focus on our core business. With a thorough understanding of the issues we faced as a business, great communication throughout the onboarding stage, the entire team have continued to provide great day to day support.

Finally, a clear and concise premium support plan provided by Comwire IT which provides unlimited remote and emergency on-site support, priority service, a streamlined easy to understand billing system and no lock in contracts has made life easier for our finance team. This provides us with ongoing reassurance that our IT and Communications network systems are in good hands, now and into the future.

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