Old laptops piling up in the storeroom? Or perhaps your business has that desk, the default dumping ground for old computer screens and equipment gathering dust? Believe it or not, these outdated electronics have the capacity to make a difference to the lives of many. Not only does the donation and repurposing of outdated technology have an environmental benefit, it also and most importantly has the capacity to bring new and positive opportunities to disadvantaged communities.

Bridging the divide
Repurposing technology allows communities to gain access to resources that they may have otherwise been unable to access or afford. By repurposing older or unused devices, organisations or individuals can now bridge the digital divide and provide access to technology for a range of populations, such as low-income communities or schools with limited resources.

Supporting education
Your repurposed technology can also be used to support educational institutes and skill development programs. Providing modern technology to disadvantaged individuals provides them with access to educational resources, allowing them to strengthen their digital literacy skills and pursue new opportunities. This will equip community members with valuable skills for employment, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.

Creating change
Outdated devices that are under 4 years old have the capacity to make a difference. An IT service provider who truly values their community will be able to make the process of a donation quick, easy and completed online within a matter of minutes. It is also important that you receive assurance that all remaining data is erased and returned to factory settings, before making its way into the hands of deserving community members.

Responsible disposal
Additionally, IT hardware or technology that cannot be repurposed needs to be responsibly passed on to e-waste. Since disposing of unsuitable technology can only be done by an accredited electronic waste recycler, using professionals will guarantee your business the safety of responsible disposal and data destruction. This should come with a certificate of completion.

Device life cycles
A good IT service provider should also discuss device life cycle with you. This is to ensure that your business gets the highest value out of your investments. An effective 3-tiered system goes as follows:

Tier 1: Device is fit for purpose for use within your business and is easily managed and supported by the managed service provider.

• Tier 2: Device e.g. a laptop, that is coming up to or is out of warranty, but can still be used within the business e.g. meeting room device. This device is not managed and not supported.

• Tier 3: Device is now out of warranty, no longer fit for purpose, or needed within the business, can be repurposed or e-waste.

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