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Cloud Desktop

Cut-down cloud-based replacement for on-premise physical servers for small business.

Comwire’s Cloud Terminal Servers offers the flexibility of a Cloud Server without the additional overhead of maintaining an entire hosted network. Cloud Desktop is a simple environment for your users to gain access to their corporate resources, only we take care of the underlying Active Directory infrastructure. Cloud Desktop is still protected by Comwire’s Private Cloud security, just in a smaller package designed for businesses up to 20 staff without a need for their own Active Directory:

  • Tailored to your business’ needs
  • 7 day backup retention for quick restore
  • Every Private Cloud can be configured to communicate with your office directly via VPN tunnel or Private WAN link
  • All resources that you pay for are reserved solely for your cloud servers – no competition for resources
  • Change resource reservations at any time
  • Pay for what you use with custom resources
  • Highly available with local hardware clustering and remote replication
  • Storage for virtual machines is provided on fast SAS-based storage arrays
  • Every Private Cloud network is accessible from the internet with a unique public IP address giving your business an identity on the internet
  • Management application available